7 thoughts on “Ranking your eBay listings high in search results and increasing sell through rate

  1. You have got to measure what you can get away with. Do not over exaggerate your returns and you should be fine. I still have a 100% feedback; and, have used this technique for years.

  2. David Allen. There is also a handling charge involved in every parcel packaged. Many times I make the box my self out of recyclables I get from suppliers. I consider my time, gas and effort to fashion a tailored made box handling charges.

  3. eBay is quite keen on postage charges now, as you are not suppose to make much of a profit from shipping. We both know what some customers are like,they want a bargain and If they see that they paid £4.99 shipping and it says £3.20 on the parcel for postage stamps – they get angry
    eBay is getting harder to try these tricks on these days.
    SORRY for dissing your methods, but my personal view is this method can have some issues that will creep up and bite someone in the behind one day.

  4. You see in the video I have applied the technique of asking low price making it back on shipping.You can still see today that my buyer feedback is 100%. I have to say the difference is you asked for an exorbitant amount for shipping that put the over-all cost of the product above reason whereas I was receiving a median payment; but, the real advantage was I moved three times the successful sellers. Buyers questioning my cost could check/see it was fair and not a devious trick, so no bad feedback

  5. I tried the higher shipping method yes I made tons of sales for about a month or two – then all the buyers complained about the price of the shipping when they actually received their purchase – this ended up them giving me a bad star rating – eBay put my account on some kind of bad sellers list, they took all my sellers discounts excreta the eBay put my new auctions on the back page all the all through the auction period (No moving up) – this lasted for a YEAR

  6. @homeincomeseeker I tried to send you a tip on improving eBay ranking; but, I do not see you have messaging set up. If you want it you can message me then I will reply to your message, again Thanks.

  7. @homeincomeseeker I appreciate your compliment. I will write you a personal message that sums this concept into an understanding of why eBay sets it up like this.

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