16 thoughts on “How To Test & Improve Website Load Speed (Get Better Google Rankings)

  1. a question you often recommend manual social bookmarking, I was wondering why it must be manually done how would google know if its manual or not? Thanks love your videos!

  2. Good video Dan … valuable info geared especially towards those who build websites… True, that Google prefers websites that load quickly…. and website load speed is but one ranking factor in Google… they have 200 different factors that they use to gauge websites in the search results. But this is the part that I don't understand with Google and their ranking factors?

    Why do many of the websites that Google is listing in their search results seem to take forever and a day to fully load up in the browser?

    Let's be honest here and say that if website load speed was really a top ranking factor many of the sites that are now ranking would be pushed down the page into the Google graveyard of search listings.

    A lot of these sites are taking way to long to fully load up because of a number of ads and videos that are loading up in the background.

    These sites I'm talking about are your everyday news and review authority sites. You've probably been on these sites yourself Dan… or similar sites with masses of content and ads all trying to load up in the browser.

    My question is "If load speed is a ranking factor, why are these sites I'm referring to ranking in Google when they take way more than five or six seconds to load up?"

    I say five or six seconds because that how long most people are willing to wait before they bail on a slow loading website…. some won't even wait that long before giving up.

    "Why is Google ranking these sites, even the ones that are obviously SLOW LOADING?"

    Google is probably ranking them because of not only the quality of the relevant content on the site but, possibly, the ad spend that that website maybe generating for Google? If they are advertising, that is? A lot of these authority sites do advertise with Google even though they have the best organic listings.

    Here's an example for you – Type in Galaxy S8 review in Google … and click on the first website that comes up in the free organic listings… When I did this using Google Chrome browser without using an ad blocker the Techradar website that I clicked on took ages to fully load up? My question is if website load speed is a ranking factor, why is a slow loading website taking the top position in Google? I know it's an authority website with awesome relevant content… I also know it has massive domain authority and age…

    I'll wrap up this comment now with a question "How long will your subscriber's wait before they bail out on a slow loading website…. even if that website is an authority one with valuable content to share? My limit is six or seven seconds and I'm out of there.. What about you Dan, how long will you wait before giving up?

  3. What are all the different kinds of offers that you can promote online? And which is the best for beginners? Such as CPA offers, physical products, digital products, ECT.

  4. I get 87/100 (mobile friendlyness), 67/100 (mobile speed) and 81/100 (desktop speed) – it's sat on a digital ocean vps.

  5. 100/67/80
    From your premade theme.
    What to fix:
    Reduce server response timeEliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold contentMinify JavaScriptI don't know what the 2nd two are.

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